Like a TV makeover show, only not utter rubbish!

Renovation Progress, it's happening -  slowly but surely!

As we undertake the repairs and renovations on each main section of the property we'll document the progress as it goes. We have some works underway and some major jobs already completed. Each section has a menu choice over on the right hand side so you can jump straight in to a particular favourite! 

We have a fair amount of buildings and land to take care of, there's plenty also to see over in the garden section where you'll find details of how the gardens are taking shape and how we're getting on as first time gardeners

Latest Renovation News

June 2005

We no longer get zapped by the microwave oven or dishwasher when we have wet hands
Wrestling with webpages!

May 2005

Our about-to-collapse Pigeonnier now has a new, non-collapsing roof!
A new 770 M. Sq. Lawn was created and much of the potager taken care of

April 2005

Flushing the loo now has a wholesome outcome
ADSL arrived, so... not much else got done!

March 2005

Painting and Decorating the main house
Getting the gardening underway

February 2005