Still find this hard to believe.. but we found a room we didn't know we had.. not quite a room but in fact a giant wood burning oven

Behold unmitigated delight in discovering the worlds coolest kitchen accessory





Latest pics from Bellebouche... discovery and unveiling of the "Four a Pain"...  a Bread Oven!


This is the end wall of what will become the kitchen. We removed one panel of plasterboard as a look-see... the theory was that there may possibly have been a door behind here and access into the 'hidden-room'. This turned out to be not the case... just some ratpoo, dust and old bones.


Deep Joy... a bread oven! We'd knocked through the small inner wall that was behind the fireplace here, this initially revealed nothing other than a tell-tale arch in the wall behind. An hour or so later, some SDS chisel action and judicious beating with lump hammer and the wrecking bar reveals what I'd suspected we'd find.. an ancient four-a-pain. A few short minutes later and the entry to the bread oven was discovered. You can see in the snap above that the arch is outlined by large granite blocks with the small bricks of the oven lining behind.

Inside Snaps


Currently filled with 30+ years of junk, the bread oven will soon be filled with homemade sourdough loaves, calzone and oven roasted suckling pig! Yay! Tune in soon for more pics of the first culinary delights to emerge from our unexpected find!